Response from Joseph Jenkins, Ph.D.: Right now there is no consensus about the amount of progress required that qualifies as "adequate progress." It's an important and complicated question. For example, "adequate progress" will differ according to the student's grade level and the kind of progress measure employed. For example, Fuchs, Fuchs, Hintze, and Lembke recommend 1.8 words/week gain on Word Identification Fluency (WIF) for first graders, and 1.0 words per week gain on Passage Reading Fluency (PRF) for second graders.


Some RTI decision frameworks use both the student's level and slope (weekly gain) to determine whether to change tiers. For example at Tier 2:

Grade 1 WIF level < 30 and slope 1.8 WIF); PRF return to Tier 1.

Grade 2 PRF level <60 and slope 1.0 PRF) return to
Tier 1.

Until there is better consensus, schools/districts/states will have to define adequate progress.