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RTI and MTSS work only when implemented with fidelity

By: RTI Network TeamPublished: January 11, 2016

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In November, 2015, the U.S. Department of Education published an evaluation of RTI. Ed Week then published an article interpreting the findings of the evaluation. The title of the article was: Study: RTI falls short of promise.

The RTI listserv and the RTI Action Network are dedicated to evidence based RTI (and MTSS), implemented with fidelity.

The problem the RTI listserv has with the study and its interpretation in Ed Week is that the reaction to the evaluation to this point does not take into account the potential misapplication of RTI in the districts and schools evaluated. As examples, the evaluation did not assess the quality of the interventions used nor the fidelity with which the interventions were used.

The RTI listserv decided that that there is a need to respond to the evaluation and the article.

The first response was to write a commentary. It was posted on Ed Week on January 5, 2016 (Four Steps to Implement RTI Correctly).

Amanda VanDerHeyden, Kim Gibbons, and Matt Burns developed presentations on smarter screening, leadership, and reading interventions.

Mark Shinn and Rachel Brown contributed an article calling for careful analysis of the evaluation and its methodology.

We invite your responses to these postings.

It would be a disaster if RTI were to criticized because faulty implementation of this evidence based practice.  All of the authors hope that these postings will help educators to understand more fully the need to implement RTI with integrity so that student outcomes will improve.
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