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Barbara P. Laster

Barbara P. Laster
Barbara P. Laster

Barbara P. Laster, Ed.D., attempts to touch students, teachers, and language as the Director of the Graduate Reading Programs at Towson University. As a professor in the Department of Educational Technology and Literacy, she teaches courses in language diversity, new literacies, adolescent literacy, content reading and writing, and literacy interventions for special populations.


Dr. Laster has been a reading specialist in public schools in four states at every grade level. Her publications include work on aspects of comprehension, teacher development and family literacy in reading clinics, service learning, emergent writing, and religious diversity in public school classrooms.


Dr. Laster serves on the International Reading Association's 2010 Standards Committee and the RTI Commission. She also is active on the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities. A special area of interest has been adolescent literacy, especially for striving learners.

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