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Daryl Mellard

Daryl Mellard
Daryl Mellard

Dr. Daryl Mellard is one of the principal investigators at the National Dissemination and Technical Assistance Center on Response to Intervention. He coordinated the largest national study of schools’ implementation of response to intervention in elementary and middle school settings. Other current projects include the principal investigator role for an adolescent and adult literacy intervention study with Job Corps participants funded under the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and also an appointment to the National Academies of Science’s Committee on Learning Sciences: Foundations and Applications to Adolescent and Adult Literacy.


He has written and published materials examining RTI components and their implementation for journals, (e.g., Journal of Learning Disabilities, Learning Disabilities Quarterly, and Learning Disabilities Research and Practice, NAESP Leadership) agencies and organizations. With a colleague, Dr. Evelyn Johnson, he wrote RTI: The practitioners guide to response to intervention (Corwin Press, 2008).

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