Treatment Integrity Protocols

Efforts to create and collect task-analyzed, step-by-step protocols to use in the assessment of treatment integrity have to date been a localized activity. There are no current publicly available repositories of treatment integrity protocols for either generic instructional or management tactics (e.g., impress method) or for commercially produced intervention packages (e.g., Read Naturally). Dr. Joseph Kovaleski of Indiana University in Pennsylvania has assembled a number of available treatment integrity protocols, which are listed below.

Fidelity Checklists

These protocols have been developed by a variety of sources (publishers, graduate students, practitioners) and no claim is made for their sufficiency or thoroughness. They are posted as an aid to practitioners and researchers and should generally be considered as experimental products that require research as to their psychometric characteristics.


6 Minute Solution

6 Minutes to Fluency

Classroom Observation Tool Effective Comprehension Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Classroom Observation Tool Effective Vocabulary Instruction in Mixed-Ability Classrooms

Classroom Observation Tool Effectively Structuring Student Engagement

Classroom Observation Tool Effective Vocabulary Instruction in K-3 Classrooms

Corrective Reading


DI Technical Assistance Form

Dibels Horizons A1

Dibels Horizons A-B3

Dibels Horizons C-D3

Direct Instruction Program Lesson Feedback Form - Reading, Mastery

Early Reading Intervention Fidelity Checklist

Early Reading Intervention

Earobics Checklist

Earobics LOI Checklist

Edmark Reading Program

Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Observation and Reflection Tool

Fidelity Checklist - Impress Method

High Frequency Word Intervention

Implementation Check Phonics for Reading

Implementation Check Phonics for Reading – Level Three

Implementation Check Read for Real

Implementation Check Reading Naturally

Implementation Check Reading Mastery

Implementation Check Rewards

Implementation Check Soar to Success

Implementation Check Quick Reads/Q Reads

Intervention Documentation Worksheet, Peters

Intervention Documentation Worksheet

Kindergarten Early Literacy Project Feedback Form, Version 3

Kindergarten Intervention Integrity Checklist

Ladders to Literacy Checklist

Language Circle

Lexia Reading Strategies for Older Students Computer-Based Program Integrity Checklist

LiPS Integrity Checklist

Megawords Observation

Overall Instructional Design Checklist

PALS Implementation Checklist

Phonics for Reading Level 1 Direct Observation Checklist

Phonics for Reading Level 1 Integrity Checklist

Phonics for Reading Level 2 Integrity Checklist

Project READ Integrity Check

Phonics for Reading (Level 1) Permanent Product

Read 180 Integrity Checklist

Read Naturally Checklist

Read Mastery and Corrective Reading Checklist

Rewards Observation Form

Soar to Success Integrity Checklist - Northgate

Six-Minute Solution Integrity Observation Checklist

SRA Decoding Observation

Vocabulary for Achievement Fidelity Checklist

Vocabulary for Achievement LOI

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