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Go See For Yourself - Good ideas @Work

Go See For Yourself - Good ideas @Work

I had the great pleasure and honor of actually visiting Charles Johns and his staff at Rolling Meadows High School last Monday.  There are many ways to learn more about RtI and Early Intervening Services at the high school level.  There are resources on the Internet such as this one where you can download information, ask questions, and discuss important and specific issues.  But one can also learn a lot by visiting a school that is working through the issues and customizing implementation to meet their local needs.

Rolling Meadows High School in the Chicago area is worth a day of your time (it will get you started learning more about how one school 'does it.'  What we all need is more well-documented examples of how a school addresses the challenge of preventing chronic failure.  Charles Johns and his staff will be the first to tell you that they do not have everything worked out.  They will modestly protest that they have a long way to go.  But you will be ale to see tangible, evaluable progress.  They will ask you for suggestions to improve and you may see some things about which to offer suggestions.  But more importantly, you can see a structure and processes at work to continue improving.  I was quite impressed.

Where are some other middle/junior high and high schools that are implementing Response to intervention and Early Intervening Services and would be willing to have a visitor?

Alan Coulter
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