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Progress MonitoringLynn Fuchs of Vanderbilt University provides an overview of progress monitoring and describes how progress monitoring is used within a multi-level prevention system. A companion article discusses validated forms of progress monitoring in reading and mathematics, focusing in particular on the advantages of curriculum-based measurement. Additional articles in this section address many aspects of monitoring student progress, including one teacher’s transformation from skeptic to advocate. Read "Progress Monitoring Within a Multilevel Prevention System" »

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Process of designing instruction that is accessible by all students; UDL includes multiple means of representation, multiple means of expression, and multiple means of engagement; the focus in creation of UDL curricula is on technology and materials.

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Curriculum-Based Measurement: From Skeptic to Advocate

CBM-R has been available to educators for over 25 years but sometimes teachers are hesitant to add something new to their already busy and challenging workload. This article is about the experience of one reading teacher who became a strong advocate of CBM, after starting off, like many teachers, a skeptic.

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Linking Progress Monitoring Results to Interventions

The linkage between assessment and instruction is an often-overlooked aspect of teaching that can make a critical impact on student outcomes. The focus of this article is on using data to make meaningful instructional decisions.

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Using CBM-Reading Assessments to Monitor Progress

Struggling readers require different kinds of instruction at different times. Choosing the best approach requires ongoing assessment and analysis of the information. Using CBM-R data, teachers can ask, “Is instruction producing satisfactory growth in my students’ reading achievement?”

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Validated Forms of Progress Monitoring in Reading and Mathematics

Validated forms of progress monitoring have been developed over a span of years. One of these forms, curriculum-based measurement (CBM), is discussed in this article, where we also present some background on CBM-based progress-monitoring measures in Reading in the elementary grades and in Mathematics.
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