Nationally renowned RTI leaders convened in Washington, DC on December 8, 2010 for a robust discussion and debate of successes, persistent challenges, unanswered questions, and recommendations for solutions. The conversation continues on these pages.  

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David Prasse participates in Panel #4 discussion


    • To discuss and define the status of RTI implementation, issues affecting quality implementation, proven practices, and exemplary sites, and

  • To make recommendations for research, policy, and practice regarding effective implementation of RTI going forward.

Join the Discussion:

The RTI Leadership Forum was designed to spark conversation among the various constituencies involved in RTI Implementation. The discussion begun at the live event continues here. Forum agenda, Keynote addresses, and resources for each Panel —presentations, responses, and materials—are posted on this and related pages with commenting enabled so you can join the debate.

As was the case during the live event, the tone of the discourse on these pages is expected to be courteous and professional with respect given to differing viewpoints. While a range of perspectives are encouraged and welcomed, NCLD retains the right to remove comments that are inconsistent with the expected tone.

Please share your thoughts on these topics and check back regularly to participate in the ongoing discussions.

Leadership Forum:


Opening Keynote Presentation:

Don Deshler, Ph.D., University of Kansas (KS)

PowerPoint Handouts   Transcript



Panel #1:

Realizing the potential of RTI - How comprehensive is implementation? 

Featuring: David Allsopp, Ph.D. - University of South Florida (FL); Judy Elliott, Ph.D. - Los Angeles Unified School District (CA via video); George Sugai, Ph.D. - University of Connecticut (CT); John Carruth - Vail School District (AZ); Charles Greenwood, Ph.D. – University of Kansas (KS); and Nancy Ventrudo – Parent (CO)


Panel #2:

Meeting the needs of struggling learners - How is RTI addressing the needs of students with disabilities, other students who need differentiated instruction, and students who need adequate instruction?

Featuring: Amanda VanDerHeyden, Ph.D. – Consultant (AL); Maria Callis – Lee County Public Schools (FL); John Carruth – Vail School District (AZ); Daryl Mellard, Ph.D. - National RTI Center (DC); and Mendy Gomez - Parent (AZ)


Keynote Presentation:

Eamonn Kelly, Ph.D., George Mason University (VA) 

PowerPoint Handouts   Transcript



Panel #3:

RTI and Learning Disabilities Identification

Featuring: Jack Fletcher, Ph.D. – University of Houston (TX); Doug Fuchs, Ph.D. – Vanderbilt University (TN); David Tilly, Ph.D. - Heartland Area Education Agency (IA); Dawn Miller, Ph.D. – Shawnee School District (KS); and Mark Halpert – Parent (FL)


Panel #4:

Capacity for fidelity of implementation - What is needed to realize RTI’s potential?


Featuring: Edward Shapiro, Ph.D. – Lehigh University (PA); Claudia Rinaldi, Ph.D. – Boston Public Schools (MA); David Prasse, Ph.D. – Loyola University Chicago (IL); Markay Winston, Ph.D. – Cincinnati Public Schools (OH); and Sandra Tolliver – Parent (OH)


Closing Keynote Presentations and Wrap-Up:

Alexa Posny, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary for Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, U.S. Department of Education
PowerPoint Handouts   Transcript

Michael Yudin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Office of Elementary and Secondary Education, U.S. Department of Education

Survey Results and Evaluation Report:

This report includes information about RTI Leadership Forum attendees, results of surveys given throughout the day as well as a summary of evaluation feedback submitted at the conclusion of the event.Evaluation Report

The RTI Leadership Forum is made possible by generous funding from Oak Foundation, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation, and the Good Samaritan Foundation with additional support from Scantron / Spectrum K-12, the Clinical Assessment group of Pearson, Renaissance Learning, Wilson Language Training, the Cambium Learning Group, Winsor Learning, and the 95 Percent Group, Inc.

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  1. Great day. I agree with Stacy - one of the best all-day sessions in a long time. The planning was superb. The format worked. Kudos to the planners.
  2. Via email from a participant: As an advocate, I see RTI as a powerful tool that in the right hands has the potential to improve education for all children! The key would seem to be using the tool as it is intended for the purpose it is intended to serve. Thank you for allowing me to participate in the RTI Leadership Forum. With gratitude for all that you and NCLD are doing.
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